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Random Thoughts of a Game Developer

Air beds are Dangerous, and the Nintendo DS is a mentally challenged laptop.

SO, I was sitting on the couch with my fiancée rubbing A+D ointment into her new tattoo. The airbed leaning against our wall made like a cheap suit and decided to fold up and collapse. Onto our coffee table. It then committed a party foul and spilled a beer. My fiancée – who is suffering from illness derived from eating lobster left out for two days by the stupidest chef on the planet – jumped to her feet saying “My laptop, my laptop!” She snatched up her laptop, and I immediately grabbed paper towels and started cleaning up the mess.

She started rubbing the bottom of her lapt

op with another paper towel while softly cooing “it’s okay sweetie… it’s okay…”

It was only at this point that I noticed that a.) my laptop was still sitting on the now-inebriated table, and b.) she had paid no attention what so ever to her Nintendo DS when the beer went ass-over-teakettle. I also jumped and grabbed my laptop, which, thankfully, turned out to still be on the wagon. I put it down and grabbed the DS (which the love of my life bought for herself for Christmas), which was just taking its first tentative sips of Miller Lite.

As I paper toweled the little thing off, I looked at it carefully and realized that the DS is basically the slow-but-lovable mentally challenged cousin of a Laptop. It even folds in half like one.

English: A Nintendo DS Lite, shown with stylus.

A mentally challenged Laptop. It's loveable and great at what it does, but my Netbook is much cleverer.

Which, believe it or not, is all I had to say.

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