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Power Girl and Other Stuff


Power Girl

Power Girl

Power Girl

Power Girl

A short Power Girl film. If you like it, make sure to give it a thumbs up. The folks who put this together also did several others. I’m actually surprised my brother has never linked to these. Power Girl.

Power Girl

So NagaDemon was kind of a bust – I came up with dozens of concepts, but only finished one, and never played it. I’ll get around to posting it here eventually, as soon as the rules are somewhere other than one of my dozen or so dead-tree notebooks. Oh, also after I’ve played it.

As for the rather… long period of time between posts this time, I took November off from writing, and then kept putting off updating my blog for reasons passing understanding. Laziness would be the key one, I suppose, although I kept wanting something substantial for a post.

Towards the end of November, I took a long, hard look at 16 Bit Heroes (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, click the link at the very top of the page), and realized that I had something there. Not that 16 Bit Heroes is all that great – the leveling system is overly complicated, the build-your-own-class system is needlessly restrictive, and there are a lot of other issues before we even get to gameplay. Still, I took a hard look at it, and I came to the conclusion that there was some pretty great stuff in there.

I dusted it off and set to work. As I delved deeper into the crunchy bits, I got more and more into what I was doing. I reduced the dice down to 3d6 (although I might up it to 3d10 later), ditched the class system completely, and kept looking at it. After a couple weeks of playing with it, I set down to serious work.

Power Girl by ~Budgies on deviantART

After a few hours of serious  writing and design work, I dropped the “16” from the title of the game. It stopped being about old-school 8 and 16 bit Japanese style RPGs, and started being about a more general sort of gaming. I started making specific adaptations to the system to accommodate my Essence game setting, and took a step back. It looked fantastic. So I dove in harder, and the game – tentatively titled Bit Heroes, or Essence Heroes if you’re playing in what I keep calling “my” setting but actually is a setting mostly forged by my high school gaming group – started to come to life.

Power Girl

So, if you’re wondering what I’ve been working on since my last post, Bit Heroes is the main answer,. The pace is close to frenzy, but it’s much more in control than it was when I designed 16 Bit Heroes in the first place. It’s still looking fantastic to me – the kind of game I really want to play. I’m planning to spend some time today fleshing out Stats, among other things. The roll-add mechanic is still there, but it’s a lot quicker now. Character Concept and Background have become real mechanics in the game. Map-based tactical combat is on the to-do list, but all the basic concepts are still there. I’m going to get to work on it (instead of playing Skyrim or Torchlight) as soon as I post this. If I can keep up this pace, I should have something more substantial to report shortly after Christmas.

Happy Holidays, all!

Oh – if you’re wondering about the way this post started, please refer to the comments section of my last post. Next post: Power Girl Cosplay, and other stuff.

Power Girl.

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