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Downed Computers and Other News

Well, that was less than the most fun ever. My laptop charger broke. The magic blue smoke was accidentally released one morning about a month ago. My computer ran out of charge, and I discovered something: I love my lappy. I mean it, this lappy is awesome, and I love it. I want to personally, publicly thank my dearest love. She bought me this thing, and I love it, and I love her. Yay!

Anyway, a new charging cord magically appeared in our apartment the other day. I like it even better than my old one, mostly because it, you know, works. I also discovered that I’m completely incapable of posting to my blog without my lil’ laptop. Apparently, every other keyboard in the house is too big for my tiny hands, or something equally dumb and untrue. The point is that when I tried to use Love’s laptop and “my” desktop, I couldn’t think of anything to write. Not that my blog posts are full of insightful commentary or anything… but for some reason, my laptop being down induced some horrific form of writer’s block.

But that’s all behind me now.

In any case, the Essence game/campaign stuff is chugging along, but I’ve done something crazy. I’ve done research, and I’ll be doing more. Not into the setting – I’ve got that in my head. I’m researching game mechanics. Not for specific games, mind you – more the theoretical stuff that goes into design decisions. It’s fascinating stuff. I’m learning all sorts of things about how nature vs. nurture applies to games, how stat systems work, depth of field for skill systems, and a whole host of other things.

So that’s good. It’s delaying the system build, but honestly I think that’s for the best. I’m looking to make the system coherent and cohesive.  One can only hope that this helps.

More later as I think of it. Must dash. There are more people here than I like there to be, and I can’t think straight right now. Have fun!

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