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Wiki Contemplation

So, I’ve considered – for quite some time now – using one of the following web sites:

And perhaps getting a membership with and appearing on this forum:

I’m curious as to if any of my readers has an opinion. I can’t help but think it would drive traffic to this site, and perhaps get me a little more feedback on what I’m doing than this site has managed to do.

Not that I don’t appreciate each and every comment that has appeared here. I do. The problem I’m running into is that I’m just not getting enough feedback, and I would like to get opinions from a wider audience. Also, additional web traffic through my blog would boost my self esteem…

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5 thoughts on “Wiki Contemplation

  1. Nicole on said:

    If your ego gets any bigger your head might explode.

    • If his head hasn’t exploded yet, it ain’t gonna happen.

      In slightly less abusive mode, I almost suggested you going a Tiddly Wiki route. d20 was doing something of the sort (or rather did.)

      My problem is that there’s getting help and giving away the product for free. I’d think joining.participating in forums would be your best bet. I’m doing something simular with my reviews by linking them with IMDb.

      In slightly more self serving news, I have added another post over at Welltun Care Reviews (the link should take you to it). If I do say so myself, this is my best review evaaaaaaaRGH MINE HEAD!!!!!!

      >>Scanner’s style head poping sound<<

      • Well, there’s a difference between giving the mechanics away and giving the game away – something Wizards of the Coast discovered and then – to their detriment – forgot about.

        Not that I don’t see your point.

    • Not my ego, Love – my self esteem. My ego’s as big as ever, but with more than a year without gaming, my game-related self esteem is suffering… :-(

  2. The link seems to be broken. Also, I seem to be functioning just fine without a head. Who would have thought it?

    Besides everyone.

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