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Upcoming Stuff: Blame My Brother

So, I’ve been following my brother’s movie review blog since he launched it. You can find it here, and you should – he does some fantastic in-depth movie reviews, and he also occasionally makes statements about genre pictures. He covers “speculative fiction“, although his focus seems to be on horror and kaiju.

In any case, his method is kinda different and fun: he watches the movie while he writes the review, occasionally pausing the film to write longer bits of commentary. The full, spoileriffic reviews are a delight to read, and his process comes through in every sentence. Which gave me an idea. I thought I might try doing the same things with RPGs. I enjoy reading the rulebooks for Role Playing Games, and while there are many sites that provide reviews for the hobby, none of them really express my views, or go as in-depth as I’d like.

I plan to primarily work with indie games, especially the free ones. I will comment on everything I can think of, but whether I like the game or not, I’ll provide links to homepages, or, for the ones you have to pay for, appropriate links to facilitate purchase. I hope to have my first one done some time next week.

If you find this all to be a big waste of time, or you hate the reviews, or whatever, well… blame my brother. He’s the one who inspired this. Of course, he didn’t do it on purpose or anything… but blame him anyway.

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4 thoughts on “Upcoming Stuff: Blame My Brother

  1. Hey, haters shouldn’t hate the playa. They should hate the game.

    A comment that, considering the subject matter, makes things doubly funny for me.

    Are you considering doing something similar dealing with Console RPGs?

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