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A Plea for Help

I just made a Facebook post, but I realize that some people that it might pertain to don’t have a Facebook page (and neither would I, if I could think of a better way to communicate with so many friends at the same time; I frakkin’ hate Facebook). So, I decided that I would re-post the whole of the post here on my Blog. This is mostly in the interest of getting to as many people as possible who have played in my Essence campaign setting; if you haven’t, you might as well click on something more interesting right now. I suggest this:

Epic Rap Battles of History – Hitler vs. Darth Vader:

P. S. – You should watch it even if you have a comment to make…

EDIT: My apologies – I forgot to include my Facebook post:

“Alright… this is directed to anyone who has ever played in the Essence/Tyrce Campaign Setting. If the preceding sentence made no sense to you, feel free to ignore this update.


I’m looking for memories, loves, hates, complaints about GMing style… anything at all pertaining to the Essence/Tyrce campaign setting. To those I gamed with back when I lived in the Greater Chicago Area, I’m actually referring to literally every game I DMed, even though the world we gamed in was never specifically named.


I’m also looking for memories of games in that setting that I didn’t actually run – especially those set in a science fiction or otherwise not-classic-fantasy setting.


I’m working on two books – one an official campaign guide with a role playing system included, the other the first in a series of novels. This is serious – if I’ve ever even spoken to you about the setting, I want your input, impressions, and ideas.


I will be grateful for any and all help anyone can give me. Thanks in advance to anyone who helps out.”


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One thought on “A Plea for Help

  1. As you so seldom respond to the emails/tweets I send you, I’m going to reprint what I sent you here, as it sort of covers what you’re asking here:

    What intrigues me so much about your world?

    Back in the day, we talked a great deal about it. I don’t know how much of that you’ve kept – when working on worlds I’ve noticed details slip and fade when the new come in – but it doesn’t really matter, as, sad to say, I remember very little of it. I also remember very little of the games you ran in it that I attended.

    What I do remember, though, carries a certain richness to it. Salandro’s Tower, as I recalled it, was overwhelmingly suspenseful, with Salandro being an excellent villain. (Does he even exist still? Or has he been slain by character assassination?) The Equus never struck me as a typical fantasy race, any more than the solnyr and their kin. Golden Oak, with (and I hope I’m not misremembering it) its giant tree, remains a potent visual, though I’m sure I’m misremembering something there.

    I’m not suggesting you write something focused on any of this, mind. Nor am I saying you shouldn’t. It’s just that, in hindsight, it seems wondrous.

    Maybe that helps, maybe that doesn’t. Let me clarify my desire (or perhaps sadly muddy the water) with this:

    Remember when we went to Disneyland? I can remember almost every single attraction we went to. The 20,000 Leagues under the sea ride. It’s a Small World. Lincoln. The Haunted Mansion. The Pirates of the Caribbean. More.

    Only, it’s incredibly haze. So many years, so many memories piled onto memories. I always wanted to go back, yet we never did.

    That’s sort of how I feel about Tyrcee. It’s a place I remember being at once, dimly, and always wanted to go back to. A place of wonder and of magic, of heroes and terrible villains. Quests and intrigue. Horror and triumph.

    You could make the grandest of game systems, fill it with thousands of supplements, and I will never reach Tyrcee that way. While I am a gamer, a table top player I am not.

    Now a novel… there’s a doorway. I still read novels. Even try to write them myself, from time to time.

    Dunno if that helps, hurts, or what have you. I know that’s a pretty selfish reason, in the end, but with it, I hope, comes some idea of why I would want a novel. I’ve read your stuff, and when you’re on, you’re on. Couple that with a compelling, interesting world, and it’s something I’d like to read. Some place I would like to visit once more. I wouldn’t mind seeing a group of heroes, friends and siblings, maybe, stand against Salandro in his tower, or the nearest equivalent.

    I hope this helps, and I’m sorry if it doesn’t. But it is why I want a Tyrcee novel.

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