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An Haiku: Chicken Stew

Carrots should be chopped

I should not have to cut soup

Shit – I just farted.

(the above is more or less a direct quote during dinner tonight)

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5 thoughts on “An Haiku: Chicken Stew

  1. Nicole on said:

    I rule. I give you fun ideas.

  2. Mom wonders if it’s not A Haiku instead of An Haiku. Me, I wonder about you digestive tract if screwing up a stew gives you gas.

  3. I never said I said it, now did I?

    And I’m pretty sure it’s “a” haiku as well – I was taking artistic license. It’s weird, though… you say “an historic” and “an hour” and “an herb”…

  4. Say “an historic” and you’ll know instantly you’re wrong about that one. Hurts the ears it does.

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