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And On With Elements

So, with 16 Bit Heroes in the playtest stage, I find myself looking longingly at my Elements notes thinking You know, Eric ol’ bean, you really ought to be working on that. And, yes, I actually thought ol’ bean. In my head. Goodness only knows why.

Elements is my primary project, after all. You know, theoretically. Sure it’s been on the back burner for quite a while… and 16 Bit Heroes was only meant to be a short distraction. As if I don’t have enough of those… Things like Quick Play and the entirely too many hours I’ve spent playing   Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas are constant distractions. Not bad distractions, mind you, but distractions none the less.

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In any case, while working on 16 Bit Heroes, Elements kept on simmering in the background. I’ve come up with a few things that are going into it, and worked out a few kinks and so on. I’ve some up with a much simpler and more unified dice mechanic that removes many layers of complexity for instance. I loved the dice mechanic I had for Elements, but it was a bit inconsistent and difficult to balance. part of it (elements, you might say) are preserved for Elements, but the new dice mechanics make things much more consistent. Moreover, they make it much easier to evaluate how good someone is at something with a glance, and allow gamers to decide which type and how many they want to use. I’ll post it – along with the math as I see it – in the not too distant future.

Other things have become more clear to me as well. One of the original ideas I had for Elements was to allow Players (and GMs, of course) to design their own Ability Scores as they saw fit. How to do this has also become clear to me, although it’s not in the way I expected. I had to come at things from a completely different angle, and it was a fun bit of inspiration when it happened.

I suppose, in the end, the point of this post was to show that I am in fact still working on things. Elements is coming slowly along, and it’s satisfying to be working on it again. Yes – it has changed a lot, but mostly the changes came about through my experience putting 16 Bit Heroes together. Experience is a good thing. I figure I get distracted by making five or six more games, and Elements will actually, finally see the light of day.

And speaking of making five or six more games, I had an idea this morning for a PvP combat game. The concept is essentially a simplified version of all the miniature combat games out there (Heroclix, the Dungeons & Dragons Miniature skirmishes battle game, and so on). I won’t go into details, but you can look forward to seeing it here eventually.

And that’s it for now. Hope everyone who has DLed 16 Bit Heroes is having fun with it. If you are, let me know!

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