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16 Bit Heroes Playtest Alpha! Plus, upcoming Site update

Alright, here it is. The final, actual, corrected 16 Bit Heroes Playtest Alpha. It has a new introduction (short, but specifically written with the Alpha in mind, rather than ramblings of a mad game designer… which is what it was before). I’ve finally actually fixed all the reference errors in Chapter 2, removed superfluous tables, and tightened things up a bit. Please enjoy!

16 Bit Heroes – Alpha v0.1 patch 2

Incidentally, the Index is hyperlinked for your convenience – click on a chapter or section, and your .pdf reader should take you right to the chapter or section. The page references throughout the book are hyperlinked as well. I’ve only tested it in Sumatra .pdf reader, though, so I don’t know if Adobe Acrobat Reader or Foxit work, but they should.

In other news – an upcoming Site Update!

In the near future, there will be a site revamp (maybe even later tonight).  There will be a link above (or somewhere obvious) called “16 Bit Downloads”, which will lead you to the Alpha download, the 16 Bit Heroes Character Sheets, and all other supplemental material relating to 16 Bit Heroes. Yay! Organization at last!

UPDATE: The site change is complete – what do you think? The link to the 16 bit Heroes Download page is right at the very top, by the way – above the header image.

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2 thoughts on “16 Bit Heroes Playtest Alpha! Plus, upcoming Site update

  1. Gads. Another site change, and the year’s not even up. I stepped in here and for a moment I thought I was at WCP

    Looking good, site wise.

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