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Finally Finished with Status Effects…

It took me a lot longer to finish out the Status Effects than I thought it would, and I was up until after 3 am yesterday working on it, but they’re done. And now we move on to the Experience chapter, followed by the Bestiary… and then 16 Bit Heroes will finally be in a playable state. Well, technically, it’ll be in a playable state when I finish the Experience chapter, but it has been pointed out to me that having a few beasties around makes play testing a heck of a lot easier. Besides – without a few creatures, one class (The Hunter) would be weakened, and another class (The Summoner) would be literally unplayable.

Oh, this is a progress report, by the way. I hadn’t posted anything at all for quite some time, and I thought that maybe people might want to know whether or not the Alpha will be done by Christmas. I can answer with a definite “yes“. Well, a qualified yes, anyway.

The qualification is this: the game will be playable, but I have no idea how playable. Everything will be there to get going, to run games, kill monsters, gain levels, gather treasure, and take on the Demon Lord, or whatever… but since the game is in an Alpha state, some of the chapters will probably seem a bit rough, and bumps in the road should be expected as being par for the course. Another qualification is that a few things that didn’t make it into the alpha, mostly because while I want them for 16 Bit Heroes, I’m not actually certain how to pull them off.

For instance, one comment from my friend indicated a desire to see synced abilities, à la Chrono Trigger

Example of a basic battle from the GREATEST SNES RPG EVER

Image via Wikipedia

, where multiple characters could get together and pull off awesome attacks. I want to include that so bad I can taste it, but I haven’t figured out how to do it. If, when the Alpha finally appears here, it gives someone an idea, I’d love to hear it. The Status Effect list is shorter than I’d like (hilarious, since it’s three pages long), and a few other things that desperately need to be ironed out.

But I’m not making a game for production and sale, here. At least, not yet. I’m making something that I can get into people’s hands that I think will be fun to play, and will capture at least some of the flavor of the old-school console RPGs I loved as a kid, and still love today.

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2 thoughts on “Finally Finished with Status Effects…

  1. 3 Things:

    1 – Merry Christmas dude.
    2 – You may want to consider a dedicated “Download the most recent stuff here” tab on this blog…as far as I can tell, at present you have to sift through various blog posts to piece it together…then again, I could just be blind and missing what should be a totally obvious link – but I’m lame like that, so no surprise there if that’s the case…

    And 3 – For the “combo-sync-whatever” powers… You may want to consider an approach of split MP (or whatever resource) cost, or mix-and-match effects from the combined power (hero A’s power rushes into melee range with a foe then deals damage and stuns/ hero B’s power zaps multiple foes with lightning damage and the two combine this power to bounce the lightning off the sword and stun a bunch of guys…I dunno…just stabbing in the dark here). As for how you acquire the abilities and whatnot, I’m not sure, but I’d try to incorporate actual in-game cooperation that builds the sort of synergy required through trial and error…actually make the characters develop the ability by working towards it and keeping track of “training” requirements… And hopefully I haven’t planted too many seeds here. :)

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