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Chapter 4 and an Update on Magic

Well, I’m finally getting around to posting Chapter 4, so, yay. Here it is:

16 Bit Heroes Chapter 4

I’ve been working on the Spell Creation System a lot. I thought I was done a couple days ago, but then I used the system to actually make spells. Wow. Was I ever off.

So now I’m re-working it so that a.) a caster’s Abilities have something to do with the power of the spell, and b.) the costs, difficulty, and effects ramp together appropriately. Which they didn’t. At all.

It’s okay, though – the process itself is done and I’m happy with it. It is simple and versatile, each type of magic is very different… so I’ve gone from frustration and borderline insanity to satisfaction and tweaking for proper effect. I should be done soon, which isn’t as good as being done, but at least I’m happy now, rather than going mad.

For the interested, I solved most of my problem by designing eaqch type of magic separately, but by keeping a common theme throughout. Summoning and Sorcery work differently, but then they’re supposed to. Both of those are completely done, by the way, and I’m happy with how they turned out.

In any case, have fun with Chapter 4. I did when I was writing it!

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5 thoughts on “Chapter 4 and an Update on Magic

  1. Suggestion! A Complete Rest can only be performed at an Inn or a Bed in a house. Incomplete rests need Tents and/or Sleeping Bags.

    • That’s actually pretty close to what I had in mind. A complete rest can only occur in a Town, or in a specially protected area (i.e. a “save point”, a la Final Fantasy 4) with a magical tent; any such rest takes at least 8 hours. An Incomplete Rest occurs when you’re not in a town or in one of the special areas. Incomplete rests can be done quicker, though: only an hour or two is required.

      Although now that I’m looking at it, I may go with your suggestion instead.

  2. So far things are shaping up to be an amusing deconstruction of typical fantasy RPG games – mostly the FF series.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing a little influence that leans on inter-character synergy, such as the combined specials presented in Chrono Trigger. There are tons of other neat examples and off-shoot mechanics that came up out there in 16-bit RPG land. Note however that I’ve only glazed over other sections and may have missed any reference to such things in other chapters if you already have it going on.

    The only other thing that I can give feedback on at this point is a general reminder to not let your various place holder page references replace an actual well organized Index section in the book at the end. People will need a guide to knowing their way around the book without having to hop back and forth between sections.

    You may want to consider a “build as you go” approach to an index so that you know what will need referencing later and get things in line before things get out of hand. :)

    • I have a very thorough table of contents, with page references to almost every heading in the book. I’m currently thinking that, for the playtest alpha, it’ll be enough. I mean, most of the chapters won’t look like the first five (all complete with flavor text and stuff); right now, there isn’t far to look for what you need after the appropriate heading.

      Since the Beta will involve a reorganization, if not a complete re-write, I’m not sure I want to put together a complete index until I have to.

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