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Chapters 1, 2, and an Admission of Idiocy

So, apparently, I don’t know my chapter structure as well as I thought I did. Below are links to both chapters 1 and 2 from 16 Bit Heroes. Yesterday, I claimed that Chapter 1 was the Introduction. It isn’t. It’s the Abilities Chapter. The Introduction isn’t a chapter… it’s an Introduction. Of course,

I admit it - despite being a 10 year Open Source Advocate, this is better than LibreOffice Writer. Of course, the rest of Office 2010 is pretty much a toss-up with the Document Foundation's work, but no one's perfect.

Image via Wikipedia

Microsoft Word 2010 takes a different view of things, which I allowed to confuse me. I do not blame Word, I only blame myself. For the record, I think Microsoft Word 2010 is the best edition of Word since ’97, and it’s the only one that I’ve used in preference to LibreOffice

Yes, it's the same thing, but without such tight corporate attachments. By the way, if you install their current beta, you'll loose whatever install of you already have - no big deal, but noteworthy.

Image by rinoshea via Flickr

(‘s new name, in case you didn’t know), which I’ve used exclusively for, oh, 6 years or so.

In any case, as promised (although a bit later than promised), here are Chapters 1 and 2.  Have fun!!

16 Bit Heroes Chapter 1

16 Bit Heroes Chapter 2

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