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Well… that sucks.

So, my lappy died late last night. I did a little math, and figured out that if Acer has to blank/replace my hard drive to fix the problem, I’ll loose 4,000 words of progress on 16 Bit heroes based on my last backup. =SIGH=.

I’m torn between waiting to see if I lose all that progress and starting over from my last backup and giving up those 4,000 words as a bad job. Any thoughts?

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10 thoughts on “Crap…

  1. Four thousand words gone. Yikers. I know this pain all too well. Lost a hefty chunk of change me self earlier this year.

    Dunno what to tell you. Isn’t there a device that can read hard drives in order to reclaim lost material?

    • Sure – it’s called a computer. I even have one… but it requires that my lappy be on to work. I could take it to a repair shop, but they’d charge me upwards of $150 for the backup…

      So I’m left with trying to guess whether or not Acer is going to blank my hard drive or no. Based on past experience. my odds are 50-50…

      • Todd got this thing called a hard drive reader for $64 bucks so he could get information out of his ex-notebook. Could something like that work for your situation? (Me, I suspect if I touch the thing, it’ll explode…)

  2. It would work if I didn’t have a netbook. Those things aren’t designed for the tiny hard drives in netbooks. I’d also void my warranty taking the hard drive out, so…

  3. Crap… You need to learn how to spell.

  4. BeckoningChasm on said:

    You can buy little USB hard drive enclosures and attach the old drive to another PC, then copy all the data to the other PC’s drive. I’m not sure if there’s a model for a netbook’s drive, but I imagine if you can think of it, someone has built it.

  5. BeckoningChasm on said:

    Yeah, that probably would void the warranty. But it’s 4000 words.

    In future, my advise is to NOT store anything important on the C drive. If your Acer netbook is anything like mine, there’s at least one SD slot. Buy an SD card and keep it in there permanently, store all data on that.

    • Well, Beckoning (thanks for commenting!), I was doing regular (read: weekly) backups to a 1 TB drive on our home server; it was about three days work that I lost, and they were unusually productive (I usually average out at about 200 to 300 words a day).
      A flash drive, however, is a fantastic idea. I have a thumb drive floating around here somewhere… and I’m going to need an SD card eventually for when I get my 3DS, though, so maybe I should just take the plunge now.

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