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Plodding Progress is still Progress, right?

Well, for 16 Bit Heroes, I’ve finished… let’s see… most of the Introduction (some of it can’t be done until I’m done with the rest of it, and other parts can’t be done until after some beta testing),and the chapters for Abilities, Classes, Races and Personalities, and Stats. I’ve made a great deal of headway in the Skills chapter, and I’ve planned out the rest of the chapters in the book:

0. Introduction

1. Chapter One – Abilities

2. Chapter Two – Character Classes

3. Chapter Three – Races and Personalities

4. Chapter Four – Statistics

5. Chapter Five – Skills

a. Chapter 5.5 – Alternate Skill Systems

6. Chapter Six – Spells and Techniques

a. Chapter 6.5 – Alternate Spell Systems

7. Chapter Seven – Equipment

a. Chapter 7.5 – Alternate Equipment Systems

8. Chapter Eight – Combat

9. Chapter Nine – Experience

a. Chapter 9.5 – Alternate Experience Systems

10. Chapter Ten – Adventuring

11. Chapter Eleven – Creatures

12. Chapter Twelve – Game Mastering in a 16 Bit World

a. Chapter 12.25 – Alternate Rewards and Experience System

b. Chapter 12.5 – Alternate Settings

c. Chapter 12.75 – Alternates Overall

A. Appendix A – Classless Play

B. Appendix B – Other Alternate Systems

C. Appendix C – Art Index

D. Appendix D – Other Combat Options

E. Appendix E – Status Effects and Combat Summaries

F. Appendix F – Character Sheets

The decimal chapters and the appendices (except for Appendices C, E, and F) may or may not make the final cut; they’re more musings than anything else. The whole work is about 20,000 words. That’s both cool and upsetting…. I’m halfway to the length of a small novel, and making pretty good overall progress. That having been said, when I started out, I thought I’d be done by the time I hit 20,000 or so words.

So, what might seems like a good pace is positively plodding compared to my original estimates.


Ahh, well. Back to work, I suppose!

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8 thoughts on “Plodding Progress is still Progress, right?

    A small novel (at least these days) is 50,000+ words

    What you have there is a good Novella.

    And, yet again, something far closer to completion than what I have.

    A. Hem.


    Speaking of small novels, you doing the NaNoWriMo this year?

  2. Hey! I posted here and now my comment’s gone! Has it been judged spam?

  3. I had to approve your comment for some reason. Don’t feel bad about it; for whatever the reason, I had to approve my own comment a couple days ago. On my own blog.

    Anyway, in regards to your nit-pick, I said I was about halfway to a small novel – twice 20,000 is 40,000 which is a little big for a novella.

    I have no plans to participate in NaNo this year. I’m not saying I won’t, I’m just saying I don’t plan to. Things are a little busy around here, and I can only write when I find the time, which is why my progress is so slow. I started 16 Bit Heroes at the start of July; it is now the middle of September, and I’m less than halfway through. It’s become my primary project, although I’m still working on Elements in about three different notebooks (that would be three different physical notebooks, in longhand. With my handwriting, that’s a less than optima medium, but for Elements, it’s working for me).

    • On the Word Count: – No, 40, 000 is in the ball park of the novella. 50,000+ is as short as a work can be to be a novel; that’s why NaNoWriMo picked it.

      Trust the writer here. And if not him, Wikipedia. I looked it up before picking that nit.

      On doing NaNoWriMo – It might be a nice break from working on rules all the time. It’s not like you HAVE to finish; you can quit any time you’d like. While I haven’t finished a novel for it yet (this year, though, damn it) I take great pride in reaching it.

      Do something breezy and fun, something you might wanna finish. It might even help with OTHER WRITING.

      On approval of comments – In my five+ years of blogging I have never, ever had my blog make me approve own comments. So, you know, “LOL” and “LMAO”, as the kids say.


      (Let’s see if it accepts this! Posting…. now!)

  4. You’re telling me that the difference between a Novella and a Novel these days is about the length of an English 10 Essay? Humbug.
    Still, you have to admit that being only 5,000 words short of 1/2 a novel when you’re not halfway through a project is pretty impressive.
    I’m not having trouble writing the rules, by the way; the writing is going well. The problem I’m having is finding the time. When you’re helping raise a two year old, your style gets a bit cramped. I don’t mind, it’s all worth it. It just slows things down on the writing end, that’s all.

    • Humbug all you want, Scrooge, but I’m not making this up.

      And yeah, it is impressive.

      Be a bit more impressive if you were there in, say, 15 days, rather than a few odd months, but like you said, you have additional concerns. The two year old, social life, etc. etc. etc.

      God. When will November get here so I can NaNoWriMo again. (MEMO TO SELF: write parody of “Time Warp” called “NaNo”…)

      Incidentally, I am inching towards new comic updates. Check out WCP and OtORtR and tell me whatcha think.

  5. Okay… you know you don’t need November to pull a NaNo, right? You could start Tuesday on your own…. I mean, I understand why you would want to wait, but you know you don’t have to, right?

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