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Change the Tagline, Save the World… or not…

As I have mentioned before (notably in yesterday’s post), I’ve come to the conclusion that my blog’s focus was a bit narrow. My older brother agreed, and he suggested the new tag line in a comment I read about an hour ago. He was right, and so were my feelings: as a Dev blog, this isn’t ever going to amount to much, and I can’t talk about my game development work on a daily basis because I’m often tired of writing about it after I work on writing it. It’s a strange thing to not want to always talk about something you love doing, but it’s hard to try to come up with something to talk about in the development process on even a weekly basis.

So, I’m re-tasking the blog. This is just the first of what I hope to be several changes to the blog. Hopefully, the posts will be more frequent, for one thing. You can still expect to hear about Elements and 16 Bit Heroes about once a week or so, but now I will feel comfortable posting here about other things without slapping “OFF TOPIC” across the top of the post. Heck, I won’t even need the Off Topic Tag anymore…

I’m not going to go back and edit previous entries to reflect the change. I dislike revisionist history and retcon, and so those pages will stay what they are: glimpses into the past. It’s silly to do that sort of thing on the Internet anyway, don’t you think? I mean, the most that sort of thing accomplishes is pissing people off, most of the time, right?

In any case, the quantity and diversity of content for the blog will broaden, although I cannot guarantee the quality will increase with it. Posts about my two development projects will be tagged as Elements and 16 Bit Heroes (depending on which I’m talking about), so it’ll be easy enough to find that stuff if that’s all you’re here for. I hope it won’t be. I hope you’ll like my various ranting on video games, comics, anime, geekdom in general, and the occasional foray into politics. But if you don’t, and you just want the dev stuff, find the project you prefer in the Tag Cloud or Subject Cloud to the right, click on that, and enjoy what you came here for.

I promise I don’t mind.

In the meantime, thanks for tuning in, and I hope to see you commenting in the future. New post later today, tomorrow, or Tuesday. See ya!

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7 thoughts on “Change the Tagline, Save the World… or not…

  1. Another Triumph For Cullen!

    Er, I mean, excellent idea.

    I don’t know if your views will improve by doing this, but I think that if you keep it up for a while (daily or not) you should see an improvement in your writing.

    (Of course, writing on your game every day probably helps, too…)

  2. I had been thinking about it for a while. I wanted to be able to post more often, but I couldn’t do it just talking about my game projects (although with two now going full-bore, that might be easier).
    It was also starting to feel like I was stroking my own ego, which is probably never a good thing.

  3. Devan on said:

    Indentation is for suckers!

    So I find myself in a similar place with development. I get a burst of “AWESOME – I GOTTA WRITE THIS DOWN”…and then pllblblbbbbbbbttttttttt – nuffin.

    Right now I’m considering modifying the mechanics of my supernatural system to clearly indicate what each aspect can be used for, essentially splitting everything into “Social, mental, physical” and also “Offense, Defense, Utility”

    Sure “Strong” can be used for Offense and Utility, but what do you do with “Majestic”?

    Eh… it’s a slow, un-focused road for me.

  4. Devan: Well, to me at least, Majestic sounds useful for Offense, Defense, and Utility, and I can see it being Social, Mental, and Physical… I mean, just look at the 4e Warlord. Pretty much all of those powers seem to be based on Majesty…

    I’m glad to hear you’re still working on your stuff, man – I haven’t gotten an update about it in a long time. You should start a blog – I’d subscribe and link to it. Heck, I’d probably even comment on it upon occasion.

    Anyway, the little girl is asleep, so I’m going to do some 16 Bit Heroes work…

    Cullen: Oh, sure. Brag about your superior CSS and HTML skills. Jerk.

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