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Could I possibly be more off topic?

Well, I’m actually a week behind on Doctor Who, and I don’t know how that happened.

Anyway, I have to say that I’ve never been this way before. I’m starting to think of the new season of Doctor Who as the best one yet; Matt Smith was an inspired choice, although I didn’t much care for him at first.

The thing that’s boggling me is that I both love and hate the most recent recovery from the old series.  I’m dying to drop spoilers, but all I will say is that these particular recoveries from the old series not only fell short of my expectations, they’ve left a virtual guarantee that I’ll have to deal with them again… making them the exact opposite of the Sontarans, who in the new series are finally the threat they always should have been, but left no obvious pick-up for a next episode.

And the thing that’s boggling me the most is that despite the fact that the handling of this recovery from the old series wasn’t what I was hoping for, the episodes in question were everything I want out of Doctor Who…

It’s maddening.

It’s sort of like the Karate Kid remake; if they’d called it something else, I’d totally be down with it…

That having been said, I’ll try to make an on-topic post tomorrow.  Tonight, I’m catching up with Doctor Who.

Oh, and I finished a preliminary glossary of terms and glossary of abbreviations. Just so that I can say that the whole post wasn’t off topic.


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5 thoughts on “Could I possibly be more off topic?

  1. Oh ho ho ho! An off topic post. It’s a slippery slope there, my brother. One moment you’re on target, the next you’re doing a five essay series on Power Girl, a sonnet on the intrabang, and a centerfold of a rose.

    And yes, Welltun Cares Presents HAD A FOCUS. I can’t BELIEVE you doubt.

    Despite the lack of evidence.

  2. Devan on said:

    Stay on target – Stay on target…


  3. Cullen – I would probably do a villanelle about the sarcasm mark or the misuse of quotes rather than a sonnet about anything.

    Devan – Thanks for reading! And… SONTAR-HA!

  4. I had no idea what a villanelle was until you mentioned it. Very interesting form…

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