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A Quick Post – Simplification

Alright, I just wanted to get something up here because I haven’t in a while.  I’m working on the combat system, and sort of spiraling out from there.  I’ve defined States (State of Unconsciousness, State of Confusion, et al), which are set effects that may be inflicted in (and out of) combat.

A major change from what I was working on before came where it comes to Actions.  After setting up a quick mock battle with some BS rules, I found that the 50 Action Point system was, while flexible, difficult to follow and overly complicated.  I’ve fallen back to an earlier idea, where characters receive 5 Actions per round rather than the 50 AP.  It’s a lot smoother and easier to follow.  I didn’t like giving up the power-design flexibility, or the on-the-fly redefinition of maneuvers, but I feel that the sacrifice is a small one to gain a much larger measure of ease-of-use.

More to follow; I think I may post States in the near future.


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