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The Saga Continues

Which is a really dumb name for this post, but I wanted to share that I have worked on the Actions system off and on all day (at work… probably not the best idea, now that I look back on it).

Actions is basically the turn-order side of conflict resolution, providing a basic framework for who does what when, how much a given character can do on their turn, and so on.

At any rate, I’ve defined Maneuvers – a set of  abilities possessed by most/all characters that allow them to perform basic actions in and out of combat.  this includes things like Movement, making Basic Attacks in combat, and using skills during a conflict.

In any case, defining these abilities has forced me to think about several other things that I didn’t expect to have to deal with, and made me question a few of my earlier assumptions about how other systems in the game worked… so, in short, it’s been a confusing but productive day, and it’s not over yet…


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