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Random Thoughts of a Game Developer

The Elements

This is to be my dev blog for my Elements (working title) game system.  I’m hoping that with a Dev blog where I can get feedback and track my own progress, I might actually be able to finish this one.

For the record, this is my fifth attempt in the last six years to finish designing and writing my Role Playing Game book.  The original ideas have survived pretty much intact, but there have been many changes over the years to the underlying systems and philosophies.

Elements is intended to be a universal system – that is to say, it is supposed to be usable for any genre of role playing, from horror to comic-book super heroes.  I’m not sure but what this goal may be somewhat untenable… it is difficult to imagine a system that could handle playing agents in Her Majesty’s Secret Service, a zombie apocolypse, and cosmic-level super hero work gracefully.

Still, one has to have hopes and dreams to strive for, doesn’t one?

For the record, you will eventually find links to my brother’s blog(s) off to the right over there, and you can follow me on Twitter if it makes you happy.

–student_20 (Eric Waters)

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